Vocab-a-splat Is Here!

by Melanie Ruda

vocabasplat_titleIn my last blog, I noted the dearth of vocabulary-building apps for kids in early elementary school. The team here at Seward Incorporated is excited to announce the release of an iPad app that will help fill the void: Vocab-a-splat!

Many children’s apps claim to be educational, but their value is negligible. Not so with Vocab-a-splat. Vocab-a-splat is an educational game with a pedigree. It is a spin-off of The First 4,000 Words, a web-based program used to teach the 4,000 most frequently used English words. Research-based and field-tested, The First 4,000 Words has been proven effective with students in grades 1-4.

The words taught in Vocab-a-splat come from the same well-regarded sources as those used for The First 4,000 Words: The Educator’s Word Frequency Guide and Hiebert’s Word ZonesTM corpus. Vocab-a-splat contains 20 levels, each with 10 vocabulary words centering on a theme such as “Family,” “Science,” or “All About You.”


About now you might be thinking, “This all sounds well and good, but is the game fun?” Yes, we think it is. And our testers, aged 4-6, agreed. Using a slingshot, players fling balls at the pictures that match the spoken words. Players try to make 10 matches before running out of balls. Animations and sound effects sustain the fun.

Vocab-a-splat is now available for free at the App Store. Download it today. Your favorite kindergartener will thank you.

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