Games for Sale. Cheap!

by Brian Thompson

Black Friday!  Cyber Monday!  Coupons, sales, holiday deals!

We’re all familiar with the trappings of the retailer’s (and e-tailer’s) environment during the holiday season.  That’s why it’s interesting to see how far the folks behind the Humble Indie Bundle have taken it.  It’s quite simple:  they offer a bundle of five independent games, plus donations to two charities, and the price is … whatever you’re willing to pay.

It’s a shockingly bold digital marketing strategy.  It completely discards traditional business concerns about minimum price levels and replaces it by casting a really wide net.  By all appearance, it’s working the buzz and “wow factor” have led to nearly 200,000 sales totaling nearly $1.5 million.

Not bad for a week-long sale with no minimum price!

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