What We’re Reading: Week of June 29

by Seward Incorporated

Here are some of our favorite things that we’ve read lately!

From Nell Kauls:

Web Content Strategist’s Bible

Managing the creation and maintenance of this huge volume of web content requires an understanding of not just web writing, but of detailed, well-planned, realistic content development processes. This book by Richard Sheffield breaks it all down for you. Bonus: free deliverable template downloads!

Content Strategy for the Web

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson explains how to create and deliver useful, usable content for your online audiences, when and where they need it most.

From Vicky Frank:


Newser is a news aggregator - there are many of them out there, but this one aggregated by “Latest”, “Popular” and “Pick a Date”. One of the problems with some news sources is they only report today’s news and you and you can’t go back in time to read an article of interest. Newser also has a section called “Newser by Users” that invites readers to summarize and post their own stories. And for those who are interested in “Gossip” (nobody here!), there’s a section for that. Newser has an iPhone app that has just been updated for OS4.


Pronounced “Crank”, QRANK is a trivia game with a great twist:  many of the questions are ripped from the latest breaking news. It’s one of the reasons I pore over the news aggregators so that I can study up for QRANK. QRANK also has an iPhone app and it just got updated for OS4. The interface is a bit like Jeopardy, with easier questions with lower scores at the top and harder questions/higher scores at the bottom. Responses also are timed, with higher scores awarded for faster picks. It’s a great brain trainer with a current events twist!

From Alison Sanders:

HighTalk.net: Conversations about PR, Media & the Social Web

This blog by George F. Snell III contains some really interesting posts about social media, web content design, and information technology. Thought-provoking topics such as “Social Media’s Staggering Influence on Journalists” - info and stats on how journalism is both utilizing and adapting to the growing presence of social media; “5 Reasons Why Businesses Struggle With Content” - how to address some common challenges in creating online content; and “Attack of the Fake Twitter Accounts” - inspired by recent events, an exploration of social media satire.

From Nick Wanserski:


I came across this blog accidentally, but am quite glad I did.  Noupe contains a strong balance of tutorials and portfolio collections.   Noupe is presented largely from a visual designer’s perspective, which is nice for those of us who have little experience coding.

The site also balances out the very helpful tutorials with some levity, interspersing a handful of strange articles to keep things light.

From Brian Thompson:


InsideRIA covers a variety of topics of interest to Flash and Flex developers.  It also has a number of articles touching on topics relevant to more general web development.

From Matt Finholt-Daniel:

Free Tech Tools For Teachers

Exactly as it’s titled, Free Tech Tools For Teachers is an online directory, in blog format, of technology-related resources that teachers can use free of charge.  Both domestically and internationally, a resounding theme in our discussions with teachers is that they desire to engage their students more through online technologies but that they don’t know where to find them. This site is an excellent resource and worthy of regular visits.

From Paul Johnson:

Blog Catalog

This site is a repository of interesting blogs searchable by topic.   This is a great place to go when you’d like to search the blogosphere directly versus doing a more general Google search.  Technology and social media are both well represented here, and there is also wide variety of leisure material.

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