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by Nell Kauls
Flickr: Bright Meadow

Flickr: Bright Meadow

We love when there’s content on the internet that we can actually use in our work! Here are some blogs and sites that have captured our attention in the last week or so about web content development:

Web Writing for Dummies, Smarties, Oldies, and Newbies
This post on the Brain Traffic blog is a basic list of web writing best practices that you can print and keep handy as you write.

First 2 Words: A Signal for the Scanning Eye
This post on Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox blog describes his new usability study about how well users understand the first 11 characters of a web site’s links and headlines.

Writing Killer Web Headings and Links
Gerry McGovern is something of an evangelist for managing web content as a business asset. In this post, he offers practical tips on how to use Jakob Nielsen’s latest usability study to write attention-getting web headings.

Learn all about white papers
Ever caught yourself asking, “What exactly is a white paper?” On his Writing White Papers web site, Michael Stelzner clearly defines what they are and how to use them.

A List Apart
This blog is “for people who make websites.” Its authors explore the design, development, and meaning of web content, focusing on best practices.

Removing poor quality content increases customer satisfaction
This case study presented in Gerry McGovern’s email newsletter “New Thinking” describes how the Microsoft Office Online team streamlined their web site and improved customer satisfaction.

Presentations about content strategy for the web on Slideshare
These presentations cover a wide range of interesting aspects of content strategy with titles that include “If You Love Your Content, Set it Free,” “Content Distribution in a Nonprofit World,” “Content Quality (It’s More than Fixing Typos),” and “Role of a Content Strategist.”

6 Projects that Could Change Publishing for the Better
Michael Tamblyn, CEO of BookNet Canada, describes 6 projects that could make things better for publishers, readers, and others with an interest in the future of the book.

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