Dying for More Privacy at the Office?

by Faisal Al Hinai

In aims of achieving the highest levels of employee cooperation and transparency, many companies have decided to follow in the footsteps of Google and Facebook and adopt open-space work environments, as opposed to cubicles, for their offices. While this shift has yielded many positive results, it has simultaneously hindered the levels of personal privacy at the workplace.

Kawamura-ganjavian has found a solution to this issue. Introducing: DESKSHELL.


DESKSHELL is “a desk divider” designed specifically “for the new open working environments” where personal privacy levels are fairly reduced. DESKSHELL is designed by Madrid/Lausanne-based architecture and design studio kawamura-ganjavian.


This product is made of “sound absorbing fabric“, and is designed to provide you with a personal enclosure “that guarantees a comfortable desk space within an open work environment.”

DESKSHELL is very lightweight can be easily transferred from one side of the office to another. Multiple DESKSHELLs can also be stacked upon each other (as seen below), thus avoiding inconvenience and clutter around the office due to lack of space.


For more information about this product visit: http://www.studio-kg.com/

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