Dying for a Power Nap at the Office?

by Faisal Al Hinai

I must admit that I was out of good ideas for an informative blog post this week. I was on the verge of writing about each presidential candidate and their stance on education. Repetitive much? All hope for ingenuity was lost until I stumbled upon this quirky product.



The “OSTRICH”, a pocket pillow that is designed for naps at your desk by kawamura-ganjavian, is a creative solution to the common dilemma of exhaustion at the workplace. While the Guarana-free “5-hour Energy Drink” claims to be crash-proof, let’s face it, after 5 hours, 3 hours or maybe even 2, fatigue catches up with you, and a crash is inevitable. You cannot deny your body of its basic needs. Sleep is a basic need.

Instead of filling your body with ill-advised amounts of caffeine, consider the “OSTRICH”. Due to evolving work patterns, we tend to spent more time at our work environment; this requires the “need to make work and rest fully compatible within the same space.” “OSTRICH” allows you the opportunity to rest without the need to leave your desk. The product is a mixture of pillow, cushion, bed and garment. Its “cave-like interior” is designed to create a “micro environment” that isolates your head and hands from your body; resting your mind and senses, and giving you a chance to take a “warm and comfortable power nap at ease.”


All images taken from kawamura-ganjavian  (http://www.studio-kg.com/ostrich/)

Kawamura-ganjavian is a Madrid/Lausanne-based architecture and design studio founded by Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian. It was established in 2000 under the motto “A constant quest for innovation, ingeniosity and comfort”. You can find innovations by kawamura-ganjavian (including “OSTRICH”) at http://www.studio-kg.com/objects-index/.

Stay away from “OSTRICH” if you are claustrophobic.

NOTE (2): “OSTRICH” is not currently available for online purchase, but keep visiting the website above for updates.

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