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Pay-What-You-Want Game Bundles

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Far from being a one-off experiment, Humble Bundles are starting to become a regular fixture of the video gaming marketplace. What does this trend mean for consumers, developers, and the game industry?

Christmas Decisions: Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Christmas is fast approaching! By now you must be thinking about plans for the holiday season, everything from baking to decorating. The biggest challenge that many of us face as Christmas beckons is deciding on the perfect gift(s) for our loved one(s). Many have fussed over the recently released tech tablets from Apple and Amazon. [...]

Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning

Monday, November 7th, 2011

As more and more tablets come on the market, the prices have dropped considerably. With the soon to be released Aakash tablet by the UK-based Datawind, the affordability of tablets for education development projects is now a reality.

Online Learning for K-12

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

In the past few years, I have started to hear more and more about online programs for K-12 students, both supplemental programs and full-time programs. As a college student, I took quite a few online courses, but in looking back to my K-12 days, I think it would’ve have been nice to have these options available.